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PEACE: Advent series

Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of God no matter what the conflict. God doesn’t offer peace like the world, but a different peace; because he is the Prince of Peace. Wonderful, counselor, almighty God, everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

HOPE: The Advent Series

ADVENT means the expectancy of of an event or someone important and that is exactly what we are doing each year as Christmas approaches. We as believers have a double expectancy; we first waited for the arrival of the Christ in the flesh (Jn. 1:14). Today we remember that arrival, now we await the return of Christ. HOPE is the first candle lit in the Advent wreath. Hope is always looking toward the future and if the future; then waiting.

Jonah 4.0 Running INTO God

Jonah was angry with God because God had called him to preach repentance to a people group that Jonah hated. God revealed Jonah’s heart showing Jonah that he was more concerned about a vine than he was the lives of thousands of people. What is so great about this book is that it is not about a perfect man, but a man being perfected.

Jonah 3.0 Running WITH God

Chapter 1 He runs FROM God. Chapter 2 Runs TO God. Here we see Jonah running WITH God. To run with God we all need to grasp the truth that our past does not say; “You’re DONE”; only the enemy says that. God also gives you a word, a message, and that message is backed by His power. Jonah gave 8 words and the greatest revival known to man took place; that’s God’s power!

Jonah 2.0 Running TO God

Jonah 2.0 we see a prophet who has been given his marching orders from God, now running from that assignment because he doesn’t like the task he’s been given. So he runs. But God loves us enough to bring a storm into your lives. And in that storm, in that fish, Jonah returns to his God and to his calling.

Jonah 1.0 Running FROM God

You hear God clearly; (because God still speaks) and you run thinking your can get away from God (how’s that working out?). We dive into Chapter 1 of the book of Jonah seeing “How to Run From God”.